Skincare Set Made For Sweat!


I have never heard of a skincare brand specifically for sweaty skin until Fre reached out to me to try their products. They sent me the 123FRE set which comes with three bottles: Purify me, Protect Me, and Revive me. It came in this very cute box and was nicely packaged. I have been using this product consistently for over a week now and I have seen AMAZING results. I have been running outside in the winter cold & lifting 4x a week and my skin was so red & dry and was just so patchy and dull. Sweating so much & mixing that with 20 degree whether has not done my skin any favors.

Purify Me: Hydrating Face Cleanser


The first product in the kit is the Purify Me. It has a very yummy lemon scent to it. It comes out white with blue exfoliating jojoba beads. These help remove dead skin cells and oils that build up on your face. It feels amazing when it goes on your skin and I just feel so clean and smooth after. The cleanser is very soft like butter so you can imagine how it makes your skin feel! My skin is so glowly and fresh after. Use right after your workout or daily!

Revive Me: Deep Replenishing Serum


The second product is the Revive me. This formula is lightweight & very hydrating. It helps protect your skin from everyday environmental factors. It doesn’t really have a scent. Use right after a workout or daily as well!

Protect Me: Defense Facial Moisturizer


The third product is AMAZING. It’s the Protect Me & it has taken away the rash around my nose from running in the cold weather and keeps my skin moisturized even after I run. AND it’s SPF 30!! Normally lotions with sunscreen in them leave my skin oily but this product is amazing. It evens out my complexion and leaves me with an amazing, moisturized glowy look. What is so amazing about this is that you can wear it as an everyday moisturizer or put it on before you workout to protect your skin from breakouts & the sun. It can also be used alone as sunscreen which is a huge bonus.

I rate this 5 stars! All products contain an Aragon Active Complex. The Aragon tree has been called “Tree of Life” because of the nourishing capabilities the oil contains. The tree is very resilient & has a ton of anti-oxidants & fatty acids to keep your skin young and alive. With a combination of the cold weather, lifting & running, and living on a well (worst water quality EVER) my skin has been the worst it has ever been. I’ve had this awful red patch under my nose that kept coming up no matter how much lotion I applied. FRE has completely taken away all of my dryness and has added so much moisture to my skin. Luckily I have never suffered from acne but I do have a combination of dry and oily skin and its hard for me to find a product that can handle both. FRE replenishes my skin while leaving it with a perfectly glowing look that’s not too oily. Did I mention with each purchase an Aragon tree is planted?!

Use my code NATLAY to try this amazing product for yourself & check out a before and after picture!

Before and After. You can see the redness around my nose is gone.

Before and After. You can see the redness around my nose is gone.

7 Days after I received the product!!! Looking so fresh and glowy.

7 Days after I received the product!!! Looking so fresh and glowy.