It’s FINALLY April which means SPRINGTIME!!! While all of the flowers are blooming, I thought it would be fun to ‘bloom’ ourselves, meaning, let’s reach some goals, become better everyday & invest in ourselves! I have created 20 things for you to do everyday & during the month of April to help you bloom. Some of these you may already do and some you may not. This is just a template so feel free to pick and choose as you please!

🌸Read a segment of some type of self-development book, blog, article, etc.
🌸Follow your morning and night routine
🌸Compliment a stranger
🌸Compliment yourself
🌸Reflect on your day in a journal
🌸Do a face mask & exfoliate 2-3 times a week
🌸Meditate at least 5 minutes
🌸Go for a walk without your phone
🌸Pick a day to detach from your phone completely
🌸Spring clean and declutter your space
🌸Challenge yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone
🌸Learn a new skill
🌸Treat yourself to some new clothes
🌸Drink 70+ ounces of water a day
🌸Exercise at least 3 days a week
🌸Clean out your car
🌸Create a new music playlist
🌸Take your vitamins
🌸Get outside more
🌸Do what you love!