8 Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness means more than just your physical health, it is your mental health as well. Wellness means being in an overall good state of health.

  • Emotional - how you cope with your feelings and relationships, understand your feelings and make sure you are feeling positive and happy

  • Spiritual - your values and beliefs that help you find your meaning and purpose in life, disconnect from social media and distractions

  • Intellectual - recognizing your talents and what makes you unique, recognizing what you are capable of, continuing to expand your knowledge and learn new things

  • Physical - any physical activity you do each day like running, walking, yoga, biking, work on living a healthy lifestyle

  • Environmental - all of your surroundings, surround yourself with a positive environment where you feel safe

  • Financial - satisfaction with your financial situation, understand your current situation and establish good financial habits

  • Occupational - satisfaction with your career path

  • Social - sense of belonging and being connected to another individual

Every dimension is connected and is important for your overall health. Continued growth in these 8 dimensions will lead to a great quality of life. Are you satisfied with all 8 dimensions? If not, what areas of your life do you need to change? I challenge you to really think about this. Write down 3 things you are already doing or 3 things that you want to implement for each dimension. For example, in emotional I need to be better about communicating my feelings. One thing I can do to change that is to stop being afraid to show emotion and to know that it is okay to not be okay. Remember to always be the best you!