28 Days of Self-Love Challenge for February

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? For the next 28 days I challenge you to put yourself first for every single day of February! I have provided 28 days of things to do for each day of the month, feel free to use mine or to create your own! Don’t forget to share what you did for the month! ♡

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  1. Write down your monthly goals
    - Writing down your goals takes you one step closer to reaching them! Write down everything you want to accomplish this month: big or small.

  2. Do a face mask

  3. Start a new book
    - Or finish one you’re already reading.

  4. Buy a Mandala coloring book
    - Or any kind of coloring book. Coloring is a great stress reliever and they have some pretty cool adult coloring books!

  5. Clean up your Social Media
    - Delete any and every account that does not motivate you. Don’t follow people who you are constantly comparing yourself to or accounts that make you feel lousy about yourself.

  6. Take a bubble bath

  7. Catch up with an old friend/family member
    - Have you been trying to find the time to catch up with someone? Here is your chance! Give them a phone call or schedule a lunch. Make a strong effort to see someone that you haven’t in awhile.

  8. Start a morning/night routine you love
    - Having a solid morning and night routine have been the biggest game changer for me. I personally thrive on routine and I am so much more motivated and ready to smash my goals when I am sticking to my daily routines.

  9. Declutter your space
    - You are a product of your environment! If your space is messy, I guarantee your mind is too. Take some time to tidy of the areas you spend most of your time in such as your bedroom, car, living room, bathroom, etc.

  10. Try a new workout
    - Have you always wanted to try kickboxing, orange theory fitness, barre? Well now is the time! Look around for places that offer your first class for free and go try something new.

  11. Unplug for the day
    - I challenge you to try to go the whole day without your phone! If you can’t do that, at least try it for an hour before bed! Your brain will thank you.

  12. Make your bed
    - Making your bed can change your mood for the whole day. I personally feel more motivated and ready to tackle the day when I make my bed.

  13. Start a new Podcast
    - Podcasts are a great way to learn something new. Here are a list of podcasts tailored to Women - https://www.forbes.com/sites/jopiazza/2018/07/18/podcasts-created-by-women-you-need-to-be-listening-to-right-now/#1483e48613ec

  14. Do yoga
    - If you don’t have access to a class, try following a Youtube video. They have tons of free yoga videos online.

  15. Write down 3 things you love about yourself
    - Or more!! Write them over and over until you believe them if you have too!!

  16. Go for a walk in a new place
    - Changing up your scenery can help kick-start motivation and creativity.

  17. Meditate
    - Meditating is amazing. If you have never meditated before, check out the app Headspace for guided meditation. Youtube is also a great place to find guided meditation videos.

  18. Cook a delicious dinner
    - There is nothing better than a delicious home-cooked meal!

  19. Treat yourself to something special
    - Have you been eyeing a new pair of shoes? Wanting to get your hair done but wasn’t sure? Now isEn the time to treat yo’self!!

  20. Stretch
    - Take the time to give your body a nice, long stretch. You feel amazing after.

  21. Donate to a charity
    - There is no better feeling than giving!! Donate to your favorite charity or volunteer.

  22. Buy yourself flowers

  23. Do something out of your comfort zone
    - Whatever that means to you, DO IT!

  24. Stay inside for the day
    - Treat yourself to a nice long day of nothing. Put your chores and obligations to the side and just focus on you!

  25. Compliment a stranger
    - You never know what someone is going through so be sure to say something kind to someone you don’t know!

  26. Get your nails done
    - I don’t know about you, but I feel like a while new women with a fresh set of nails.

  27. Clean out your closet
    - Who knows, you might find some clothes you forgot you even owned.

  28. Watch your favorite show/movie
    - End your month with a good laugh!